Community Engagement

Year IB 9 Community Project at The 鶹ӳ

This Module at The 鶹ӳ we have been involved in many community projects, boh at home and abroad. Our students and staff have shown their Caring nature through these projects and how well this IB learning attribute has has been embedded within our community 

Year 9 students have been working in groups to plan how to help the local community. Paige, Ruby and Alexandru delivered care packages to Darent Valley Hospital and even had a thank you from a patient on the Dartford Facebook page whose husband had received a goody bag , with gift and get well soon card that had brightened  up his day 

Two Year 9 form groups modelled the true meaning of sportsmanship, collaboration and team synergy as all the members of the two groups were actively involved in planning and participating in a friendly football match between the two classes with the goal of promoting physical fitness through sports.

Three Students stood outside the entrance to Darent Valley Hospital, carrying donations for NHS staff in their hands.
Three students stood inside Darent Valley Hospital, holding t-shirts for the camera.
A student Sports team are pictured all stood together after a game of Football.
A student Sports team are pictured all stood together after a game of Football.
Three 鶹ӳ students are pictured standing outside Darent Valley Hospital with some boxes of donated food for NHS frontline staff.

Ben, Lily and Jadeena In Year 9 collected over items for the local food bank at St Edmund’s Church. Local vicar Mandy Young said

We are so grateful – you have been brilliant at helping us stock up and stay stocked, but the need is huge. And it does me such good to see children working so hard and so well for other families and kids who don’t have much at all.’

Students have shown great kindness as well as developing their organisational skills through these IB Community Projects.

Ukraine Appeal at The 鶹ӳ

A UK to Ukraine Humanitarian Aid sign.
A cardboard placard is seen held up with the blue and yellow colours of the Ukraine flag with the word 'Peace' written across it.

Our Leigh family has shown great community spirit and compassion once again. We launched an appeal for donations that would form part of the Kent Association of Headteachers Humanitarian Appeal to those affected by the terrible events in Eastern Europe. 

We have been overwhelmed by the generosity of our students, staff and families as the donations poured in. This first push was for nappies, baby bottles and milk as well as thermal clothing, blankets and first aid kits as the items most needed to support those whose lives have been changed beyond measure in the last few weeks.

Our drivers Mike and Mark, then drove onto the collection point and were touched by the large number of volunteers who were there unloading the school minibuses from all around Kent, onto the Ukrainian HGV lorries.

Students at The 鶹ӳ have also been writing messages of support and love to go with the life saving donations. We have all been touched by this humanitarian crisis and we are truly grateful for the support that has been given that will make a huge difference to people’s lives.

We are still collecting donations, so please do check out the latest list of requested items on our The 鶹ӳ Facebook page or our website. 

Thank you to all involved and all who have contributed to making a difference.

Three students are seen holding items to donate to the Ukraine appeal.
The rear door of a Minibus is pictured open and full of items to be donated for people affected by the Russia-Ukraine War.
View of the rear door of a Minibus, pictured open and full of items to be donated for people affected by the Russia-Ukraine War.
Photo of a Ukrainian lorry, containing food and supplies, about to leave.
Photo of a large lorry being loaded with food/supplies for Ukrainians at a donation centre in Folkestone, Kent.
Messages for those affected by the Russia-Ukraine War from students at The 鶹ӳ.